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Crown Victoria 2013: Ford’s trump card

Crown Victoria 2013: Ford’s trump card

Crown Victoria 2013: Ford’s trump card
July 27
14:01 2013

Crown Victoria 2013: Ford’s trump card

Ford has released its new police vehicle named Crown Victoria. The Ford’s Crown Victoria was a love at first sight for the law enforcement agencies. In terms of technological features, it was ancient. Since 1998, it has been pretty much the same. The basic underlining’s dates back to 1979. But it nevertheless ideal for police work. It has simplistic design and rugged body. Body on frame construction has been spot on.

Fast facts about Crown Victoria

  • The vehicle has been made at the Ford assembly plant at Chicago.
  • The Taurus Interceptor is better off than Ford’s Crown Victoria with 25 percent better fuel efficiency.
  • When idling, its fuel economy is 35 percent, so Crown Victoria falls short here.
  • Debris and obstacles are protected by a deflector plate.
  • Front wheel drive is a given in Victoria Crown.

Inside Crown Victoria

Its latest version has four doors and named Police Interceptor. The aim of Ford is to develop SUV as well as a sedan. The law enforcement agencies need to have some variety in their ranks.

A great deal of standardization can be done this way. The real question comes of durability. Under extreme use such vehicle fails to deliver with uni-body designs and front wheel drive. The same case is rest assured for police vehicles.

The sedan is still a bit smaller than Crown Victoria. The SUV is larger and taller in design. The cabin volume gains size. The Crown Victoria Sedan’s interior is smaller than that of Crown Victoria SUV.

Also, there wasn’t partition screen in the interior space consuming space of the interior. Ford should use the D4 chassis in the wheelbase version in the nearby future. Ford still hasn’t released a stretched Crown Victoria yet. In competition is Chevy’s Caprice.

Ford has close relation with Police Advisory board which consists of police personal from Canada and America. The tires are pursuit rates and highly standardized. The wheels are 18 inch steel wheels. The car has been fitted with rear and disc brakes. These brakes are larger than the conventional brakes found the conventional cars. The cooling system is etched down in history and so are the electrical systems too.


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