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Jaguar XF 2013: The winning streak continues

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Jaguar XF 2013: The winning streak continues

Jaguar XF 2013: The winning streak continues
July 27
14:34 2013

Commencing the year on a winning note is Jaguar XF. It has been tuned up for multiple changes and appeal for a market at large. The mid-size Jaguar XF has the V8 engine installed along with a superior 3 liter supercharged 6 cylinder. Jaguar is trying to appeal the XF to a bigger market and the aim is to provide a solid driving punch comparable to the 5 liter V8.

People who dwell in colder climates can drive this luxury car. The Range Rover counterpart enjoys a superior success compared to Jaguar XF. It has taken Jaguar time to figure that out.

It can take off from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 6 seconds. According to Jaguar claims, the Jaguar XF can reach up to 16 mpg in the city limits. It can attain 25 on the highway. The 8 speed automatic transmission can work wonders in this regard. The Jaguar fell short of XF of EPA standards in terms of mileage. It does fell short of expectations on highway.

The new V8 engine: Works fine

The Jaguar XF enjoys an all-wheel drive and has built in one engine. The 3 liter supercharged 6 cylinder engine has been enabled with 340 horse power with 332 pounds-feet of torque.

The engine sound is subdued. The Jaguar claims that it’s still a genuine V8 engine. But it doesn’t stick. The peak torque doesn’t reel in until 3,500 rpm. The engine of Jaguar XF feels out of place when tach nears peak value. That’s when last year’s V8 becomes a painful reminder. Furthermore, the new V8 weight 67 pounds more than its predecessor. This year’s V8 engine is weaker. Most of the power is shifted to the front wheel helping the drivers in slippery conditions.

The access to car’s full capability is only obtained when the car is pressed into Dynamic mode. Press the checkered flag button near the drive mode selection button. The car goes into Dynamic mode and can drive to its maximum capability.

The steering, throttle and suspension take on a new meaning when pushed to the limits. The corners become stiff and wheels become heavy. The throttle also disappears.

The power delivery of the Jaguar XF delays at times. But the wait is just seconds away as the car goes into drive, this glitch disappears. The engine of the Jaguar XF lurches into drive when throttle is squeezed.

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