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The Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Convertible

The Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Convertible

The Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Convertible
July 27
14:23 2013

The Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Convertible

The Beetle was first introduced as a concept car in 1997. It was a modern look on the iconic bug car. The Volkswagen Beetle 2013 has been reinvented. The engine is air cooled replaced by liquid filled power plants put in the passenger compartment. There has been sweeping changes in the design department as well. This reborn model was an inheritance from the predecessor. It is too cute with its two doors. It became a chick car.

Fast facts about Volkswagen Beetle 2013

  • This new Volkswagen Beetle 2013 is being introduced in just toffee brown color.
  • The engine available in this class is the 2.5 L 5-cylinder. The horsepower is 170 with 177 lb-ft torque.
  • The new Volkswagen Beetle 2013 can give at least 21 MPG in the city limits and 27 on the highway. The average is 23 MPG.
  • The price regulated is about 29,000 dollars. It costs three thousand dollars more than its predecessor.

The Volkswagen Beetle 2013 comes with 2 liter turbo diesel engine with 140 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque capability. The 6-speed manual or in other words DSG dual clutch automatic transmission gives power to the front wheels of a Beetle. TDI has power steering coupled with Turbo technology.

The designers of Volkswagen had a tough time designing the perfect Volkswagen Beetle 2013. The target audience was men who had labeled it as a chick car. The car consists of a Fender stereo system and some gauges. It’s an all new masculine car.

Masculine on the inside

The look of the Volkswagen Beetle 2013 is retro with 18 inch alloy wheels. The side view mirrors are chrome clad. Another old school feature is beige ragtop with modernistic performance. It can lift and lower in less than ten seconds.

Moving on to 2011, the new all new Beetle was introduced with masculine features. The chick factor has been stuck with this Beetle as since ages. The Volkswagen Beetle 2013 has magical retro style hubcaps. They seem to emerge from the 1950’s.

The latest Volkswagen Beetle 2013 will be showcased at the Chicago auto show. It has been made fuel effective TDI diesel iteration. The new Beetle is a bit bigger and is quite masculine as previously mentioned. The wheels are 17 inch in size with chrome trim. TDI has dash mounted gauges for turbo boost, pressure gauge and stopwatch.

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