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Civic Si 2013: Firm on the curve

Civic Si 2013: Firm on the curve

Civic Si 2013: Firm on the curve
July 28
05:14 2013

Civic Si 2013: Firm on the curve

Honda is in testing waters with its new Civic Si 2013 given its high performance history. It’s the only high performance model in its ranks for now. The Civic Si 2013 has all odds stacked up against it with great front wheel drives cars emerging.

Fast facts about Civic Si 2013

  • The Civic Si 2013 has been revised with brand new styling and improved architecture.
  • The handling is much more responsive. The interior has taken a nice hit too.
  • The interior equipment includes Bluetooth, rear view camera, text message facility, Pandora functionality and iPod interface.
  • The Civic Si 2013 comes with single trim level including 17 inch alloy wheels.
  • The engine has 2.4L with 6-speed manual transmission. It can deliver 201 horse power.

Honda has had a long and dedicated fan following. The engineers of Honda are very well respected too.

On some models of Honda, there is R badge stuck such as Integra Type R which confirms limited edition status of a car. But comparing an Integra Type R with Honda Civic R is not fair at all. Travelling in an Integra R can be a bit tough too on public roads. There isn’t sound deadening at all incorporated.

The new Civic Si 2013 is an instant autocross winner. The primary feature is a helical limited slip differential just like in Acura. It finishes the wheel spin when hard corners occur. It’s the coolest Civic Si 2013 yet with exhaust note tuned up nicely. Its similar to modern audio system. With bi-level panel, the digital speedo readout. It has a warning light and terrific steering to support itself. The seats are specialized for fast driving.

This car will be appearing regularly in the future car magazine issues. According to the Las Vegas SEMA car show, Honda slated its price to be below 20,000 dollars.

The Civic Si has razor like handling, all thanks to its engineers. It has rock solid tuning, stiffer chassis and good footprints just like a typical Honda does.

It has been mated with six speed manual transmission. It packs some punch here. It can reach 60 mph in just 8 seconds.

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