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Introduction of 2014 Ford Fiesta

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Introduction of 2014 Ford Fiesta

Introduction of 2014 Ford Fiesta
July 28
05:20 2013

Ford Fiesta 2014

The latest Ford Fiesta is a compact car but fun to drive. It is a geek friendly, fuel efficient and an affordable at the same time. Ford is combining everything and translating it into one car. Ford Fiesta was a fun car since it was introduced. It had its own issues to deal with. But with new add-ons and refinements the Ford Fiesta 2014 is a completely new product on the car market. Ford can make some lost ground on its diminished car value in the small car niche.

Small cars are luxurious

The Ford Fiesta 2014 is hard to miss by. The car is quite adorable. The Ford Fiesta 2014 has a corporate standard borrowed from Aston Martin. Ford Fiesta 2014 is undeniably hot and has received some tweaks.

Fast facts about Ford Fiesta 2014

  • The look has been updated and MyFord Touch infotainment is predominant.


  • The price of Ford Fiesta 2014 begins at 14,000$. The hatchback costs 600 dollars.


  • The latest model has a one liter 3-cylinder engine. It can deliver 197 horse powers.


  • The fuel economy is about 29 MPG in the city limits while on the highway 39 MPG. The average is 31 MPG.


  • The engine of Ford Fiesta 2014 is 1.6 L 4-cylinder delivers 120 horse power and 112 pound-feet of torque. It has five speed manual transmission. It also has six speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

The Ford Fiesta has some upgrades too. It is now shiny and has been redone. The interior has been borrowed from Escape, C-Max, Focus and seems too much familiar. It is a technical advantage as the mini car has less space for add-ons.

Heated seats and leather upholstery have been installed in Ford Fiesta 2013. Ford Fiesta is offering the same amenities as other cars such as Rio and Accent.

The new Ford Fiesta 2014 has a 6.5 inch screen for Myford Touch infotainment system. Sometimes this system can freeze and sometimes it can crack under strain. At the same time, it can be clever and responsive.

Ford will be improving the system and more improvements will render the system faster and agile.



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