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Ford Taurus 2013: With 2-liter Eco boost

Ford Taurus 2013: With 2-liter Eco boost

Ford Taurus 2013: With 2-liter Eco boost
August 08
14:00 2013

The Ford Taurus 2013 ranks pretty high in the affordable cars category. The audience has liked Ford Taurus 2013 for its wonderful base engine, big trunk and cabin technology which is par excellence. The interior is comfortable and trunk is huge. It is a nice classic rendition of full American sized sedan. The changes in the Ford Taurus 2013 are far from extraordinary. They improve the driving experience and its interior change has been a sight for the sore eyes. It reenergizes its aura. Audience has a fresh version of the Taurus in their minds. Ford has a lot going on in it. It’s smooth, refined, quiet and fun to drive.

2013 Ford Taurus (8)It’s a big car with a small engine. The pairing is almost paradoxical but Ford has decided to install the 2 liter four cylinder engine in its bigger cars now. The last car to get the wondrous 2 liter four cylinder engine is the car.  Along the way, V6 and Eco boost has been implemented in the new Ford Taurus. Ford has actually thrown in the 2 liter engine into its Edge and Explorer cars too.

Ford has implemented its Eco boost in its Ford Escape and Ford Edge made for 2013 releases. In Ford Explorer, the Eco boost backfired. The engine is well behaved and smooth as a whistle. The power delivery is linear and turbo lags less.

Ford Taurus 2013: Comparing engines

Six speed automatic transmission have been paired with turbo four. It’s present in Ford Taurus 2013 except for the SHO model. As was the case in Ford Edge and Ford Explorer, the 2 liter Eco boost is an extra mile engine for Taurus. It promises fuel economy in comparison to the V6 engine. The EPA ratings of highway and city limits are well appreciated. The highway limits are 22 MPG while the city limits are 32 MPG. The EPA ratings are harder to attain in turbo charged cars, so final testing remains.

2013 Ford Taurus (9)The Taurus 2013 is the most appropriate car for the 2 liter Eco boost engine, it has less weight than Ford Edge. The Ford Explorer’s engine weight more than Ford Edge. They are both 2 liter engines. With 48 horse power down, The Taurus 3.5 liter V6 engine produces 16 pounds-feet of torque. The 2 liter Ford Taurus 2013 drives like a V6 sedan which is good enough for most drivers. The experienced drivers can get an indication of two missing cylinders when faint resonance occurs at less revs.

The highest honor in the name of 4-cylinder Ford Taurus 2013 is that driving it feels like V6. The fact remains true that the car can adjust front wheel with the 4 cylinder engine as well as V6 engine remains true. It means fewer stops at the gas station.

The 4-cylinder engine has a six speed automatic transmission, it picks up gears quickly. It also has a sports transmission mode too which delays upshifts. One shift lever permits the drivers to downshift and upshift at their own disposal. But the lever works at its own terms, transmission kicks in when it’s ready itself.

According to Ford experts, the 2-liter engine is 55 lbs lighter than any V6 engine. The 4-cylinder cars can attain different spring rates with some changes to dampers on a light road. The weight difference felt is negligible. The suspension protects the drivers from faulty roads. The road feeling is absent in the electrically controlled steering. The brake master cylinder has been upgraded and feels smooth.

2013 Ford Taurus (4)Looking at the interior

The interior of the Ford Taurus is exquisite. It is refreshingly classier and cheesy at most. The leather insert on door panels was disappointing but so was the molded plastic too. The Ford Taurus is not Lexus ES350. The MyFord Touch is available for the drivers. They have improved the interface relatively. Touch screen is a nuisance to operate once it gets underway.


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