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Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Best seller in America

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Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Best seller in America

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Best seller in America
August 18
14:05 2013

The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is a wonderful city car. It’s built for humble and tamed city roads. It is also fuel economical at the same time. Driving the Smart Fortwo around cities such as San Francisco is only suitable. The reason behind is that its dimensions and structure is well complemented for a city like San Francisco. It blends in nicely with its high tech life with ease. It is the most well suited car for the city of San Francisco as it’s electrically driven.

The company brought its car for a major press event in the city. It’s a half convertible car. The roof rolls back on. The roof rails can be removed and tossed in the back.

Huge potential for American market

The Smart Fortwo is a double seated car only. It has some cargo space at the back. It is excellent and much awaited car for the daily single commuters. Also, the fact is true that 80% of the commuters drive merely 40 miles to and fro from work.

There is a big market for the prospective Smart Fortwo which can be bought by the bachelor community in America.  The car has great use in busy cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

It consists of an 18 kilowatt hour battery made from lithium ion. The Smart Fortwo can drive for 76 miles in the city limits as well as 60 miles on the highway. It has a great average of 68 miles. With those promising numbers, driving around busy American cities is well sorted out.

Two 2013 Smarts Fortwo - a regular one and a convertible

Two 2013 Smarts Fortwo – a regular one and a convertible

Recharging and braking

The driving controls of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive are ridiculous. The drive selector is on the console. Brakes and accelerator pedals are given already. Ignition is behind the shifter, which surprises the new driver.

With the electric vehicle, no gear shifting concept applies. The car will be released with steering wheel mounted paddles for that matter. The driver will be able to select from four sorts of brake regeneration. With brake regeneration turned off, car moves about freely when foot from the accelerator is removed. The battery recharges when heavier settings are applied slowing down the car.

The brakes work fine in this ultra-modern compact car. The car begins slowing down when accelerator is stomped off. The car came to a halt at the traffic light itself.

Smart ForTwo details

Smart ForTwo details

The power for Smart Fortwo Electric Drive comes from the rear wheels. They produce 47 horse powers with 96 lb-ft of torque. The motor has become more energized since. It can reach 60 miles per hour in just 12 seconds. It’s a pretty standard car with minimum amenities.

The accelerator pedal is a bit hard to press as the driver’s leg gets mauled in the process. This makes most drivers from reaching full throttle acceleration.

Fuel efficient

Reaching the city limit of 35 was ridiculously easy. The electric vehicle is capable of fast lane changes after a traffic signal goes green. It can get ahead of the pack when required to. That’s a given if cars alongside aren’t sports cars.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive interior

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive interior

The top speed of this electric vehicle is just 73 miles per hour which means it’s not exactly highway material. Its weight is just 2000 lbs. it is too light to be an actual car. At high speed it will definitely do some wobbling. Its wheel base is short and the bumps on the road can cause uncomfortable situation.

Braking is as hard as the pedal itself. Both of these require tuning. In heavy traffic, brakes are required which should be softer. It is a given and the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive fails on that front.

The electric powered vehicle is solid and unmovable around the curves. It didn’t sway much at high speeds either. The suspension works in that regard but so does the hundred pounds of batteries installed inside. The center of gravity is evened out. The electric power steering makes this car a pleasure to drive.

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