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Audi S6 2013: Competing against Mercedes and BMW

Audi S6 2013: Competing against Mercedes and BMW

Audi S6 2013: Competing against Mercedes and BMW
August 19
09:10 2013

The latest Audi S6 2013 holds the key to the future with cool cabin technology and built in internet connection for entering locations on internet. It can create Wi-Fi hotspot and download driver assistance data. The Audi S6 enjoys a 4 liter turbo charged engine. It packs some serious performance not allowed on main roads.

2013 Audi S6 rear view

2013 Audi S6 rear view

The Dynamic and Comfort modes need work. The steering needs work as well its ride. The Audi S6 2013 Quattro is a blend of technology and luxury and makes a style statement in terms of safety features, on road performance and cabin technology.

Ravishing interior: Rivaling Mercedes

The Audi S6 is top of the line sports car from Audi which comes close to its competitors. The interior consists of premium leather, sunroof as well as leather seats. It’s a cozy seat from the inside.  Diamond stitching has been used with 12 ways power adjust feature employed. It also has its signature four zone climate controls coupled with LED lighting system. The Audi infotainment system works fine unlike Mercedes’s. The door sills are LED lit.

The infotainment system consists of seven inch screen which can rotate and slide from the dashboard. It can interact with the system with numerous controls aligned on the console.

2013 Audi S6 (10)The big control knob is encircled by eleven big buttons. The shortcuts to sections of infotainment system are also given which includes:

  • Car options
  • Navigation
  • Telephone
  • Radio
  • Media
  • Main menu screen

All of these shortcuts have their own four metallic buttons to be accessed by. The knob can be twisted and turned or bumped in four directions. It can be pressed for making on screen selections.

The base price for the Audi S6 2013 is around 99,000 dollars. It is quite an expensive and extravagant car coming close to Mercedes Benz CLS. Both are totally worth it in their own dominion. This car gets 3.5 stars out of five. The manufacturer’s price is 71,000 dollars.

The latest Audi S7 is founded upon this car and it’s no surprise that these two grand luxury cars are reminder of each other. But then, all of Audi’s cars have features reminding of its coupes and sedans.

Under the hood: Engine means business

2013 Audi S6 front view

2013 Audi S6 front view

The Audi S6 2013 is a typical sedan with a nice trunk and rightful stature. It looks conservative as compared to the Audi S7. It can generate 420 horse powers but Audi S6 can blend and hide on the public roads. The camouflage could be intended or unintended. Besides, some privacy will always be appreciated.

The fenders show off the V8 T signature proudly demonstrating the class of Audi S6. The Audi S6 is powered with the high profile 4 liter 8-cylinder engine which is fed by turbo charger. It takes gasoline by the fuel injection system. It can generate forces of 420 horse power as well as 406 lb-ft of torque.

The V8 engine also consists of cylinder deactivation system which permits lessening the quantity of active cylinders for amplified fuel economy when additional power isn’t needed.

Fuel mileage: Audi holds ground

The EPA standings aren’t far removed either. According to EPA, the Audi S6 gets an average of 20 MPG. It generates 17 MPG in the city limits while on the highway it gives 27 MPG. According to driver’s test, the results came up pretty good near. The engine will cut off its cylinders while cruising for amplifying the fuel economy.

2013 Audi S6 interior

2013 Audi S6 interior

Driving modes

The power is generated by the Audi S6 gearbox and distributed to the 20 inch wheels equally. It is Audi’s trademark. It’s called Quattro all-wheel drive. Drive Select System is present in Audi as a standard feature. So is the case in S6. It gives the driver broad range of choice on sedan’s steering system. The throttle response, electronic power steering and adaptive suspension system come under its vicinity.

Comfort and Dynamic settings puts the car in either dynamic mode or playful mode. The computer decides the level of driving according to the driver. Set the throttle response and soften the suspension.

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