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Chevrolet Cruze Diesel 2014: Pricey but delivers

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel 2014: Pricey but delivers

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel 2014: Pricey but delivers
August 23
09:00 2013

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel 2014: Pricey but delivers

The latest Chevrolet Cruze Diesel 2014 can easily attain 50 mpg on any freeway. It has the usual My Link cabin system which is fully operational. The icons are easier to use. Also, the Cruze Diesel works fine with Remote Link application available on smartphones by On Star.

At low speeds, the diesel pronounces clatter and acceleration drags a bit. The diesel version of Cruze Diesel is priciest in the series.

The cabin technology is solid and works with great fuel economy. It’s a compact sedan. The tradeoff is that it’s pricey but in the long run it’s compensated.

The price for the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel 2014 is 25,000 dollars.

Engine inside: Dynamic power

05-2014-chevrolet-cruze-diesel-chicagoIt’s a diesel engine with 2 liter 4-cylinder engine packed with turbo. It does provide decent acceleration too. It generates a horsepower of 151 with an excellent torque of 264 lb.-ft. diesel powered cars are always high torqued and high horse powered.

Stomping on the acceleration pedal doesn’t hitherto unleash god’s fury. In fact, it fails to impress. The car waits on acceleration which is noble given it’s a fuel efficient car. The car driving strategy has to be preplanned.

The six speed automatic transmission is only provided in Chevrolet Cruze diesel 2013. None of the other models are six speed automatic.

The gearbox does the job itself for finding the appropriate gear for the fuel economy.  Some pretty neat and clean programming has been installed in this car.  The diesel car makes noise which becomes a nuisance even for a 4-cylinder engine. The gasoline cars don’t make that noise, diesel cars does.

Best mileage car in existence

02-2014-chevrolet-cruze-diesel-chicagoThe highway mileage of Cruze Diesel simply shows the power of diesel and limits EPA imposes on fuel testing. The Cruze Diesel has a city limit mileage of 27 mpg and 46 mpg on the highway. Most of the drivers are content with the mileage results of Cruze Diesel of combined average of 39 mpg. The drivers will be observing mileage in between 30 to 40.

Mercedes Benz GLK250 Blue Tec would be the next obvious choice for the diesel population in America. In this case, the Cruze Diesel has more at stake and to prove. It’s a mass market car. In Chevrolet Cruze series, the diesel lineup is the priciest and quite the forceful too.

While driving the Cruze Diesel down the freeway in light traffic at 65 miles per hour, the Cruze Diesel shows a remarkable 50 MPG. The Chevrolet’s screen is a bit funny too. It’s an eco-screen which records average for 50 miles. The screen becomes a nonstop game doing the same. Chevrolet should have also installed an internet platform for the drivers to compete for best fuel average.

Compact yet spacious sedan

The Cruze Diesel is as competitive as Honda Civic as it’s small in size. It was a needed addition in Chevrolets ranks. It can seat four people comfortably. A fifty passenger can be taken with strenuous difficulty. The trunks are spacious when size of the car is taken in consideration.

The styling done on the Cruze Diesel doesn’t end the world as we know it. The design seems to attract the broad of buyers who need a car unnoticeable on the road. The exterior is also conservative and looks humble. The leather covers seats which looks neat. As mentioned before, it’s the best fuel efficient car on the market yet. It can rival the invincible Mercedes Benz GLK250 Blue Tec.

As for driving the Cruze Diesel, it seems pretty decent and standard. The suspension damps the bumps nicely and it works for its price. It’s not a higher end car apparently given its exterior and interior. The suspension engineering is standard for a car which is under 20,000 dollars price tag. MacPherson struts are used in this case and the torsion bar is modified.

The Chevrolet Cruze Diesel is by no means a sports car as its tires scream when taking curves in high speed. It employs the electrical power steering.

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