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Mercedes-Benz S550 2013: Mercedes kills competition

Mercedes-Benz S550 2013: Mercedes kills competition

Mercedes-Benz S550 2013: Mercedes kills competition
August 30
12:00 2013

The Mercedes Benz S Class has been under heavy pressure facing tough competition from Audi A8 as well as Hyundai Equus. Mercedes Benz has to prove its worthiness considering the fact that luxurious cars are being released at fraction of Mercedes prices.

The new Mercedes Benz S550 2014 is a comfortable and luxurious sedan. The sedan is jet black. It thunders along the twisty mountain road. It’s a perfect high tech rough car for that matter. It’s tough to stick one nickname to it with its loads of tech features and forceful engine.

The silver grille dominates the front side, while the rest of the sedan lacks luster. The look of S550 is completely clean. The S550 daunts the passing by vehicles. It looks like a black sinister sedan. Mercedes has planted a tech flag for the future generation cars.

Luxurious interior: Classy and deluxe

The cabin space is unlimited in new Mercedes Benz S550 2013 with the smooth quality ride. The case remains same for the front and the back seats. The LCD dashboard and LED lights are state of the art. It keeps the rivals at bay. Steering Assist features keeps easy driving plausible in heavy traffic.

For general use, the application integration loads a bit slowly. The virtual instrument panel is flat and a graphic fuel gauge should be used.

Mercedes Benz has taken a giant leap forward with its S550 2014 sedan. All the features are up to date and diversified. The application integration takes more connection time.

This is why the S550 took the life and death threat too seriously and produced a sedan which forces rival luxurious sedans back into their hideouts. The body has been redesigned. The cabin is huge with big LCD panels. The cabin tech is simply excellent and worth applause. The fuel economy technology has been taken care of by Mercedes Benz. The steering assistance as mentioned earlier has been inducted for carefree driving and takes one giant leap ahead of a self-autonomous car.

Mercedes Benz claims that it has fluorescent bulbs for illumination. All the light sources are LED installed from the cabin lights to the headlights.

Built to last: Mercedes S550 2014

The body of S550 may look weak, but it’s German. It doesn’t yield that easily. The S550 hits the car showrooms with a bang. It has long wheel base with an extremely large sitting area. Sit comfortably as S550 cruises by in style offending other vehicles. The rear seats re power adjustable with suede pillows provided connected with headrests. The sunroof is available too.

The front seats are the size of living room recliners. They are like a separate room themselves. There are seven various massage phases. Internal rollers with seat heating function were also amalgamated. The seat adjustment controls are mounted on doors. Ergonomics are taken care of as usual. Mercedes Benz was always sensitive about ergonomics. The glove compartment has a scent container too. From the inside, the Mercedes Benz S550 feels like a royal sedan.

The cabin tech is too much to seep in for one day. S550 helps with the driving. Mercedes Benz has pioneered driving since its inception. It also has pioneered Adaptive Cruise Control in prior models of S-Class. Now the autonomous add-in is a standard feature in S-Class. The feature checks out the speed of the car in the vicinity and drives according to the safety of its driver. The drivers have driven thousands of miles just sitting steering the S550.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Mercedes Benz was the front runner of technologically advanced cabin. This remains the case here. The big larger than life LCD panels present on the dashboard are the obvious evidence. LCD on the dashboard was present before in S550, but S550 2014 goes large size here. The screens are designed now and look has been updated. The layout has been changed for the better. Steering Assist is the pride of the Adaptive Cruise Control. It has stereoscopic cameras on its windshield.

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