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Jaguar F-Type: Race car for all tracks

Jaguar F-Type: Race car for all tracks

Jaguar F-Type: Race car for all tracks
September 04
15:50 2013

The Jaguar F-Type has the best engine sound ever produced. The sport exhaust has been installed as standard in Jaguar F-Type. The engine revs up freely along the way with reaction almost instantaneous. The paddle shifted eight speed automatic kicks in lightning fast. The resulting sounding engine is nothing short of a life changing experience.

The look of the new Jaguar has been inspired from Star Wars. It’s a momentous car made by the British automaker in nearly 40 years of its existence. It is a smaller and looks as a sports car. It borrows from its rich Jaguar ancestry.

The sophisticated exhaust will become a nuisance soon reaching the inner ears. Driving the Jaguar is literally a life changing and emotional experience.

Just like a bullet from a gun, the Jaguar F-Type speeds up on a road and the exhaust running behind fast. The canon sound does impress even the most critical of car fans. Driving this Jaguar feels like shattering the world peace with the heavy race car sound it generates.

Fast facts about Jaguar F-Type

  • F-Type has three categories engines at its disposal. It has a supercharged V6 engine providing 340 horse power and 332 lb-ft of torque. Also, V6 with 380 horse power with 339 lb-ft of torque is on offer. Last but not the least; it has a V8 engine with 495 horse power and 460 lb-ft of torque.
  • On these three engines, 0 to 60 mph in above mentioned cars 5.1, 4.8 and 4.2 seconds respectively.
  • The top speed of F-Type is 186 mph. it is simply too much too seep in.
  • The prices are starting from 69,000 dollars and can reach up to 81,000 dollars. The V8 is priced at 92,000 dollars.
  • The V8 S and V6 S models come with sports exhaust and manageable dynamics. The transmission response, steering and throttle can be customized as per say.
Jaguar F-Type: Race car for all tracks

Jaguar F-Type: Race car for all tracks

Engine inside: Heavy duty engine

The V6 engine is supercharged and produces some raspy sound. It is louder and stronger. Stepping hard on the 5 liter engine feels like breaking the law. It causes some commotion. The design chief of Jaguar has hailed it as his victory design. It also has been inspired with Enzo Ferrari and E-Type cars. The Enzo Ferrari was once hailed as the most beautiful car ever made.

Of note, the LED taillights have a unique design inspired by the E-Type’s units, though with a decidedly modern twist.

The LED tail lights have a trendy design too inspired from E-Type car. The twist is a bit modern.

Interior inside: Jaguar F-Type

New stick as seen in BMW has been reinstated as well. It is a design update from Jaguar’s interior. Emphasizing on the uniqueness, it focuses on borrowing less from other cars. Investment put by jaguar is serious enough. The base models aren’t that spectacular at all. The affordable version has manual seat functioning. Fully automatic must be made standard.

The material quality used in high grade and true eminence of class, design and craftsmanship is visible here. Chrome is also predominant so are the modern surface coatings. The telematics system is easy to use.

The Configurable Dynamics are a new feature which allows customization of throttle, steering, adaptive suspension and transmission response.

There is a G meter as well as a lap timer. It does deliver on all counts

The J shaped LED lights indicates that it’s a Jaguar and will be incorporated into the rest of the Jaguars sooner or later.

The car was launched in a lavish automotive show in Seattle. Jaguar is a low volume car maker. So the brand needs to grow and offer consistency among its ranks.

The door handles are hidden not spread out. That’s why jaguar has hired a world class car designer. No spoiler is dangling from the back. The wing rises after the Jaguar F-Type crosses the 60 mph barrier. It leaves a clean profile after parked.

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