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Corvette AeroWagon Concept To Enter Production

Corvette AeroWagon Concept To Enter Production

Corvette AeroWagon Concept To Enter Production
October 04
09:08 2013

Dreaming about a shooting brake based on the Corvette? Now it is possible, as Callaway Cars confirmed that their Corvette AeroWagon Concept based on the 2014 Corvette Stingray will enter production. The concept was first seen earlier this year, and created quite a lot of buzz among car enthusiasts.

Mike Vendetto, the spokesperson of Callaway Cars confirmed that the Corvette AeroWagon package will be available from January. It is basically another rear hatch made of carbon fiber, that can be easily converted back to stock. The buyer actually gets his stock hatch back, so he can revert the car into its original shape easily. The AeroWagon package costs $15,000, the paint with matching OEM body color costing another $1,500.

The small car tuning shop says that the modified car will retain its Corvette targa top, the Corvette AeroWagon package being attached through an OEM latch mechanism to the hatch area. Some of the hinges and the latch hardware will be modified, but nothing will damage to the car. The owners will be able to convert their car back to the original without any problems.

The first prototypes of the Corvette AeroWagon are expected to roll out in a few weeks, in mid-November. Besides its cool looks, the package adds some more luggage space, but no rear seats. The Corvette AeroWagon package will also be available for the Callaway performance package. For $22,995, the customers get a supercharger, a special, low resistance exhaust system, fuel system enhancements and powertrain management recalibration, as well as aesthetic enhancements.

The current pictures circling around are computer generated renderings, but it is more than likely that the actual Corvette AeroWagon will turn the heads of enthusiasts. Besides its coolness, the package is likely to add more value to the Corvette, turning it into a real collector’s piece.

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