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Decorating Your Newly Bought Used Truck

Decorating Your Newly Bought Used Truck

Decorating Your Newly Bought Used Truck
March 20
09:56 2014

So you have bought a used truck! Is it a prime mover? A flatbed? Perhaps a large van to haul your business’s equipment? Whatever the case, congratulations! You now have an addition to your fleet of trucks or you may finally now have a truck of your own to kickstart your business.

But wait, something doesn’t seem right even though you’ve thoroughly checked the truck. The engine is good, brakes are functional, fuel consumption is efficient, tires still have their treads, and the fluids are all in their recommended levels. So why do you feel that there’s something lacking?

Well, perhaps it looks really bland and boring. Just like homes and cars, trucks need a little love too. After all, you or your drivers are going to spend a lot of time in your vehicle. So why not spice it up to make it more interesting? Why don’t you simply get rid of that dull monotone color and replace it with something with life?

Here are some ideas that you may want to look at in decorating your used truck.


A new paintjob

Have you seen any or all of the movies in the blockbuster series The Transformers? If you have, you might have noticed one of the leading characters, Optimus Prime, transforming into his truck form. See how amazing he looks like with his red flame pattern over a predominantly blue body? Why don’t you try to do follow suit? Check the Internet or trucking magazines for creative paintjob ideas. A truck adorned with polka dots? The storage compartment being painted with a particular shade which smoothly blends into another color? Why not?

New upholstery

Your truck’s seats may be functional, but are they pretty? Take a close look. Chances are, the leather might be cracked or faded. The covers may be torn and moldy. The cushion may have sagged under the weight of the vehicle’s previous drivers. Revitalize the interior by replacing old upholstery with new ones. For example, replace that dull black seat cover with a more vibrant red-and-white one. Adorn that plain dashboard with a velvet dash cover.


Floor mats are just so boring. Why not decorate the floor of the cab with rugs? Persian rugs, for instance, can add lively patterns on your floor. Rugs with Chinese characters can give your cab a very oriental atmosphere. But aside from aesthetics, rugs can also offer you a great degree of comfort. Try rubbing your bare foot on a soft rug and you’ll understand what we mean.

Miscellaneous things

Look around your cab and you’ll see a lot of contraptions where you can place a few hanging decorations. Grab a few from an auto-supply store and put them on, say, the rearview mirror. Or you can purchase several of those stuffed teddy bears or bobble head dolls and place them on your dashboard.


So you see? There are plenty of ways which you can liven up your used trucks. All it takes is just a little imagination.


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