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New Mazda MX-5 Is Finally Out

New Mazda MX-5 Is Finally Out

New Mazda MX-5 Is Finally Out
September 10
00:27 2014

The MX-5/Miata might actually be the most popular car of its kind. It is a wonderful mix of sportiness and style and all that in an affordable package. The engines in the Miata were never huge, but they pushed the tiny car confidently, thanks to its small weight, rear wheel drive and amazing weight distribution which made it more fun to drive than some far more powerful cars. This distribution is the result of the fact that the engine is placed in front of the driver, but behind the front wheels, making the car very balanced. This is why it is no surprise that people have been waiting for a new one eagerly. So, let’s see if it can continue the proud tradition.

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Yes, it can. Timeless looks were one of the Miata’s strongpoints and this one is the same in this respect. Being on the same design path with the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 is not a problem for the MX-5. The general idea is the same (and good, we might add), but the lines are far more aggressive and in accordance with the Miata’s sporty roadster tradition. The lines cascade over each other and create a strange sense of reverence even though we all know the engine is not a real racing car material. Sharp headlights are just beautiful and daytime running lights placement adds another note to the Miata. Side view is just perfect. Muscular enough, but still making the playful nature of the Miata very prominent. The rear sports a mixture of narrow triangular lights and round ones towards the middle. The whole car is shorter, lower, wider and, most importantly, lighter than the previous model. This should make its driving characteristics even more fun.

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On the inside, things haven’t changed that much compared to the other current models from the company. Things are very similar to the Mazda 3 interior, but this is a good thing. This means that it is very ergonomical and easy to operate. Additionally, this also means that the finish is great, as are the materials. What differs are the features which emphasize the sporty nature of the Miata. The A pillars are pulled back and actually thinner than the ones on the previous Mazda Miata, meaning that they obstruct view as little as possible and make driving even more immediate and fun. The door color pours over the door line into the interior. A simple trick, but with a huge effect. A really great idea. Ah, yes, you also get speakers in the headrest – cool touch, Mazda. Generally, the interior is very nice and completely driver-oriented.

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As expected, the new MX-5 is packed with SKYACTIV technology. The chassis is the most prominent feature of this technology and it is extremely lightweight. The weight of the car is expected to be at just around 2,300 lbs, although it hasn’t been announced yet.

allnewmx5_unveiling_mazdaspace_interior_02_jpg300 image

What we still do not know for sure are the engine options. It is safe to assume that the engines should include the 2l petrol from Mazda 3 which has 165 hp. That one does not have forced induction, which was (sadly) expected, but Mazda has not excluded having a turbocharged version. We’ll have to wait and see. Manual 6-speed transmission is standard, which will make the purists happy (myself included), but there is also an automatic available.

So, what’s the verdict? The new MX-5 is a great car and it is everything that old Miata fans might expect. It has all of the features that made the previous models loved, but it is also slightly improved in almost every respect according to the technological advancements of the era. We’re eagerly anticipating the official engine variants and performance models, including the tuned up versions. The latter ones have been one of the reasons why the Miatas have been so popular. With lightweight body and that front-middle position of the engine, designed to hold the car in place even in very sharp turns, just adding a turbo makes the car much more fun.

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