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2015 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

2015 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

2015 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
September 25
16:04 2014

The beastly little C-Class is ready for its 2015 revamp. And the changes compared to the previous model are substantial. It is always dangerous when you have a successful product and then you make a big change to it. However, Mercedes-Benz has done this so many times that everyone expected something good from the new C63 AMG.

And we got it. The new C63 looks like a baby S-Class, especially looking at its back. The recognizable taillights and lip spoiler complement the tastefully curved lines of the trunk, while the lower section is reserved for the dark diffuser and four exhaust pipes, two on each side. Numerous waves on the side, although that they don’t constitute a continuous line do not seem like a mess, but rather form a natural-seeming shape that soothes the eye. At the front the tow lines seem wider apart, while they turn toward each other as the view switches to the rear door, although they never meet, disappearing before they reach the rear wheel arch, which itself has a slightly muscular look. So, a bunch of curvy lines which look very harmonious.

The front sports a mesh grille with a single line cutting its middle and meeting at the large, centrally placed Mercedes-Benz badge. Large mesh air intakes at the bottom complete its aggressive and sporty styling.

On the inside, the new C-Class is a wonderful blend of luxury and sporty features. Large, swaying central console hosts an S-Class-like joystick controls and, at its top, three air vents. Plethora of buttons is well organized and easy to operate. Being divided into clear sections makes them as simple and functional as they can be. The seats provide amazing support dung sharp turns and the massive steering wheel makes you feel confident and secure as you employ the tremendous power of this car. Aaah, the power. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Before that, just one gripe about the interior. You’ve probably guessed it, since many people have been complaining about it – the multimedia screen. It looks like a tablet that is superglued to the dashboard. Literally. And I mean superglued, since you can’t remove it, or do anything to it. It is wonderfully functional, easy to read, large enough and perfectly placed, but it really sticks out from the rest of the interior. This being said, it is the only gripe I have about this car in total.

Now about the power and the biggest change. The previous C63 – and some even sportier models as well – had the 6.2 l naturally aspirated V8 with 451 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. Fast and roaring, it was a pride for the company. So, when they announced that they were swapping it for the downsized 4 l V8, many a fan dreaded. However, the new V8 is – dare I say – a lot better than its predecessor. It has more power (503 hp), more torque (516 lb-ft), new transmission (7-speed MCT automatic), lower weight which will further increase its drivability, adaptive suspension and a lot better fuel consumption. And I mean a lot – the new C63 AMG is said to be a whopping 32% more fuel efficient than its predecessor. This number becomes even more significant when you have in mind that the new C63 is the “most fuel-efficient eight-cylinder car in the high-performance segment” as the people from Mercedes have put it. So, more than 50 hp more, more than 70 lb-ft more and all this with less than 70% of fuel the previous C63 burned – we loved the 6.2 V8, but it will not be missed. How great this new engine is you can see from the fact that it will be used in the incredible and all-new new AMG-GT S.

Loads of hi-tech and plush AMG features go without saying, but we would like to emphasize that the new C63 AMG will come in sedan, wagon and coupe variants, with the last one being expected to reach 62 mph in well under 4 seconds. With this kind of numbers, the latest C63 AMG is by far the best car in its segment.


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